Plan room services

Builders Exchange

Whether you are a contractor looking for work or need to find qualified GC's, Subs and Suppliers this is your stop.  The Builders Exchange is a membership service that offers plans, specifications, and contact information for projects bidding in Montana and the surrounding area.  Our online platform works on PC's, Mac's, as well as phones and tablets.  We also offer hard copy plans for local projects that can be viewed in our office or checked out overnight. There is no cost to post a project with us.


Private Plan Room

Our private plan room offers secure online access for projects that require more controlled access. 

Documents can be viewed on PCs, Mac's, tablets and phones. Basic take-off tools can be accessed for free with the document viewer.

Private projects do not require a membership to view.  You will need the project specific URL and password for access.

Montana Bid is your one stop distribution center to hit all of  the independent  Montana Plans Exchanges and their 2600+ members in one stop.  

Visit us here to learn more or post a project statewide:

Builders exchange Membership application

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